Post Shipment Finance

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What is Post Shipment Finance?

Post-shipment finance is a financial solution offered to exporters once goods have been dispatched. It bridges the gap between shipment and the receipt of payment, ensuring exporters maintain liquidity and manage cash flow challenges during this interim period.

Who is it for?


Exporters Awaiting Payment

Exporters who've dispatched goods to foreign buyers and are in the interim period between shipment and receiving payment, need liquidity to maintain business continuity.


Businesses with Cash Flow Concerns

Entities that face cash flow strains due to the inherent time gap between shipping their products and receiving the payment, thereby needing a financial cushion.


SMEs with Overseas Sales

Small and medium-sized enterprises that have successfully penetrated international markets but need funds to manage operational expenses while awaiting remittance.


Growth Opportunities with Export Post-Shipment Finance Solutions


Cash Flow Improvement

Export post-shipment finance solutions are designed to provide liquidity post the shipment of goods. Instead of waiting for months for buyers to make payments, businesses can access funds immediately, helping maintain a robust and consistent cash flow.


Enhanced Business Relationships

Prompt payments powered by post-shipment finance solutions can bolster your relationship with suppliers and buyers alike. Building a reputation as a reliable business partner can open doors to more significant business opportunities in the future.


Risk Mitigation

This financing method minimizes risks associated with international trade, such as default or delayed payments. With financial institutions providing this service, they often handle payment collections, reducing the potential for bad debts.

Capital for Business Expansion

Capital for Business Expansion

With immediate access to funds, businesses can invest in expanding their operations, whether it's by venturing into new markets, increasing production capacities, or launching new products.

How Does Export Post Shipment Finance Work On KredX GTX?


Registration & KYC

Businesses interested in post-shipment finance start by creating a profile on the KredX GTX platform, providing the necessary documentation for KYC.


Invoice Submission

Once registered, businesses upload their export invoices post-shipment, detailing the amount due and the due date.


Invoice Verification

The platform then verifies the authenticity of the invoices, ensuring that all details are accurate and in line with the platform's policies.


Invoice Auctioning

Verified invoices are showcased to registered investors on the platform, allowing them to bid or offer a discounted amount for the invoice.



The buyer makes the payment based on the invoice's terms directly to the investor (or through the platform which then forwards it to the investor).

Estimate your export factoring interest cost

Invoice Amount


$ 100,000

$ 1,000,000

Payment terms (i.e. invoice due date)


60 days

180 days

How much you could advance now

$ 0

Plus, when invoices paid

$ 0

What you will pay

$ 0

The figures generated by this calculator are intended as a guide only. This shall not, and is not intended to, constitute any funding commitment. Rates will be given by financiers according to their analysis of yours and your buyer's risk profile.


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